EPC Guidestar - Mentorship

Mentorship is an important component of EPC Cleveland’s commitment to leadership and career development in the estate planning arena.  Although we all “mentor” others to some extent in our professional lives, as an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting careers in fields related to estate planning, EPC Cleveland is happy to provide a mentoring program known as EPC GUIDESTAR to our members! 

EPC GUIDESTAR’s goal is to connect experienced EPC professionals with newer, less experienced members who wish to develop a mutually beneficial relationship over the next year, or longer, as determined by the participants. The amount of time required for Mentor/Mentee meetings will be determined by the participants, although it is recommended, at a minimum, to meet either via phone or in person, on a quarterly basis. Networking/social events and learning opportunities will be offered to the entire Guidestar class at various times throughout the year. 

‚ÄčIf you have an interest in learning more about EPC GUIDESTAR and would like to be considered as a Mentor or Mentee please contact the EPC office at 216-696-1228 or admin@epccleveland.org. This is an ongoing program throughout the year, so we would be happy to match you with a participant. 

Call for Guidestar participants will open in early 2024.